Image of Asking the Plants About Abundance

Asking the Plants About Abundance


A guided meditation to assist you in cultivating plant consciousness. Originally developed for an event with Carville Annex at the San Francisco Botanical Garden, this printed guide is adapted for use in your garden, park, neighborhood, or backyard. This 30-minute practice will help you feel more grounded as you access plant wisdom around money and abundance.

Includes some suggestions of questions you might ask:
• Do you always have all the nutrients and water you need?
• What do you so when you don't have enough?
• What is your relationship with water?
• Tell me your feelings about dirt.
• Is photosynthesis an effortful process, or does it just happen, like breathing?
• Do you ever feel like you're not doing enough?
• What is greed? Does it exist among plants?
• And 30 more.

4.25" x 11" photocopy on cardstock.
Orders ship in 3-4 days via USPS.