Image of Feminist Business School: Concepts & Conception Image of Feminist Business School: Concepts & Conception

Feminist Business School: Concepts & Conception

$500.00 – $900.00

May 30 to July 24, 2017
(no school the week of July 4th)

This is an introductory course for those wanting to birth a new business, or a new way of being in business. In this six-week intensive, participants gain a deeper understanding of how to embody feminine and feminist principles in business. We begin by diving into the concept of the Feminine Economy, we contemplate capitalism, cozy up to feminist theory, and consider what radical entrepreneurship could look like. Then, we explore the stages of birthing a business, giving special attention to the Conception phase—the beginning—where anything is possible. Finally, we start to dissolve our patriarchal thinking as we rewrite our relationship to money and power.

During this six-week course, you will discover the constitutive elements of your business, articulate your core values, write your manifesto, define radical self-care, and begin cultivating a new money consciousness. I provide you with the information and tools to help you imagine possibilities, become more visionary, and find a deeper sense of pleasure and play, as you move through fears and blockages. Through readings, audio recordings, group discussions, guided visualizations, writing assignments, and creative exercises, you will become more integrated and embodied as you conceive your own sustainable feminist business.

1. Introduction to the Feminine Economy
2. What's At Stake/Standing for Something
3. The Trimester Theory: Stages of Birthing a Business
4. Conceiving Your Own Feminist Business
5. Toppling the Patriarchy
6. Cultivating a New Money Consciousness

This course is designed for those who are ready to invest the time and resources to develop an integrated and intentional business. The curriculum encourages deep tranformation in your relationship with work, money, your business and your body. Participants should expect to devote 6 or more hours to FBS each week. You will also meet weekly via phone or video with an accountability partner and creative cohort, to support your process.

• 6-week online course, new content delivered weekly.
• Online group discussions with other FBS students.
• 4 group video chats. (Weeks 2, 3, 5, & 6)
• Access to online materials for 3 months.
• The Business Birthing Handbook (PDF)
• Feminine Economy Print
• 12 Principles Pocket Cards

Concepts & Conception is for entrepreneurs looking to build a thriving sustainable business that will support them—creatively, financially, emotionally. This course is appropriate for entrepreneurs, executives, non-profit directors, small business owners, self-employed individuals, and those with a business idea they want to make real. This is not for those wanting to create a side business or hobby enterprise.

Limited to 20 students.


Please email me to be placed on the waitlist for the next offering.